I’m not crying
I’m just a — in the rain from my eyes
I can’t ever hide
But I can drive away into the night

I can’t breathe
I am just lying awake thinking about you
I still bleed
I’m better off, better without you

I have my dreams, everyone does
And if I thought you’d listen
If I thought you could hear me
I’d tell you

If I thought you believed
If I thought you’d imagine
I would show you

I remember when you told me I was all that you wanted
You’ve waited for so long
Now I feel you like the wind through my finger and you’re gone

I’m not fighting
I just — to erase you from my mind
It’s better with time
And I’m gonna find a way back to my life

I can’t breathe
I am lost in the pain that always surrounds you
I still bleed and I’m better off
Better without you



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