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  1. nurse cracker Reply

    anyone have the lyrics to Robbie Rivera’s “Which way you going”??
    HELP!! THANKS! xxoo Nurse “Music is my life”

  2. some lyrics for Miikka Leinonen Pres. Port El – Do You Feel (Original Mix) ?

  3. A State of Trance – episode 350
    Nic Chagall’s track #3

    Artist/title: Republikka ft Antonia Lucas – Sunshine

    you’re beautiful
    you’re magical
    you’re wonderful for me

    i see you there
    i know you care
    how do you dare to love me?

    you’re so beautiful (lift your eyes)

    I can feel a sunshine on our way (watching over me)
    I can feel a sunshine on our way (watching over me)
    I can feel a sunshine on my face (watching over me)
    I can feel a sunshine on my face

    when I look at you
    when I look at you, yeah

    I feel so warm
    with the dawn
    I watch the shadows fade away

    I lift my eyes
    into the sky
    and I’m drowning

    you’re so beautiful (lift your eyes)

    I can feel a sunshine on our way (watching over me)
    I can feel a sunshine on our way (watching over me)
    I can you a sunshine on my face (watching over me)
    I can feel a sunshine on my face
    when I look at you
    when I look at you, yeah

    you’re beautiful
    you’re magical
    you’re wonderful to me

    I see you there
    I know you care
    how do you dare to love me?
    how do you dare to love me?

    I see the light
    in your eyes
    so warm when touching you
    don’t say goodnight

  4. Anyone with Tritonal feat. Cristina Soto – Piercing Quiet lyrics. What a breezy tune. Tune of the summer for me. Awesome arresting vocals too.

  5. kuerbis Reply

    I’m going to try to post those ones… sorry I’ve been kind of busy ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Tductus here are the lyrics for Electronic Malfunction

    Outdoor babies
    Extra warm light
    Rule someone heavy

    I sure wonder
    Swamp and release
    Angel hoof journey

    Ocean above life
    Workman view terror
    Search for pleasure

    In the echo answer mother Earth

    Electronic Malfunction

    Shut down

  7. Whatever here are the lyrics for Marco V – Unprepared

    I can’t stay I say, you’re a lie she says
    its in your eyes and on your skin I read your mind she says
    prove me wrong she says
    I’ve been around she says
    i know the way with my eyes closed she says
    stay right there she says
    look at me she says
    I know a way to make you feel a star she says
    Oh my god I say (x2)
    If it’s a dream why can’t I scream to wake me up I say
    I’ve been around for 4 decades, I’ve seen the cities and the planes, I’ve watched the ball thats come and go
    Still I am unprepared for you

  8. George Acosta and Ron van den Beuken feat. Truth – War of Hearts —— Can’t find nowhere

  9. i need to find a song i was listening to on the perfect mix..the lyrics go along these lines:…spirits low…no place to go, i need to find someone/something to see me through, i run -uh-un, do-do-do
    sounds a bit like jaren (its a female voice)…and help will be appreciated

  10. The First Noel (Dash Berlin Remix) – Sarah McLachlan & Dash Berlin

  11. Falling Anthem – bad boy bill feat. palmer …. I can’t find anywhere ๐Ÿ™

  12. I’ve been looking for a great trance tune, all I know is the lyrics “and I feel, like a bubble rising out of the water…and I feel, like… its got a very groovy bassline, heard it before?

  13. Hi, I’ve been looking for a song ever since the webradio station Pandora was closed to Non-US listeners.

    In my playlist was a song, I can’t rember the title or artist, only the lyrics;
    “In the garden there’s a nightmare….”

    That’s it! I’m determined I’ll find it one day, any help would be great!

    Cheers ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. Joey, are you sure it’s not, “In the forrest, there’s a monster, and it looks so, very much like me…”?

    If so, that’s “Please save me” by Push and Sunscreem.

  15. Smitty I found โ€œPlease save meโ€ by Push and Sunscreem and it is indeed the song I have been searching for!

    I truely owe you a debt of gratitude, time must of effected my dim recolection of the lyrics ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    Where do you live and do you have Paypal? I owe you a drink!
    Cheers ๐Ÿ˜€

  16. hey))
    great place you;ve done here!)

    ..can’t find lyrics for “Tiff Lacey – Someone like you (Matt Lange Remix)”..

    hope you can do it ’cause it;s a very amazing vocal track by Tiff..

    from Russia with love ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. i need to find a song i was listening to on the perfect mix..the lyrics go along these lines:โ€ฆspirits lowโ€ฆno place to go, i need to find someone/something to see me through, i run -uh-un, do-do-do
    sounds a bit like jaren (its a female voice)โ€ฆand help will be appreciated – Matt

    I think i heard the song on state of trance last year, was epic but i cant find it either ๐Ÿ™

    Anybody got any ideas…its progressive until the part ‘i run’un’ do do

    • Kuerbis Reply

      “Daydream….to the voices”

      The rest are just voices and stuff

  18. Markus Schulz feat. Carrie Skipper – Lost Cause
    Beautiful song, can’t find the lyrics anywhere.

    Greetings from Slovenia. ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. hi! i just wanna ask, where can i download all the track featured in your site? thanx!

  20. Keyser Soze Reply

    Hi, i need lyrics for the following song.
    Artist : Chicane
    Album : Far from maddening crowds
    Track : Lost you somewhere

    thnx in adv.

  21. i’ve been trying to lyrics 4 this song 4 over a year now can any one help me please???!!! i think it’s a drum n bass song, it’s a female singer n the only lyrics i know are “oohh, oohh my emperor” n the songs called lullaby x:)

  22. LordOfSexyness-Sama Reply

    Hello,I want the Lyrics For This Song Please. =)

    Song :The Night
    Artists : Nick Fiorucci ft. Kelly Malbasa
    Album – Unknown.

    Thanks In Advance ^_^

  23. Hi, could you help me for the lyrics of this song?
    Soul in the machine – Just a taste (Noel Sanger Remix)
    I’ve been searching and I didn’t find anywere…
    Thank you!

  24. Hi, could You help me with the lyrics for the song:

    Tiddey feat. Tiff Lacey – Forgive & Forget (Forgiven Lies)

    Here is the link for this song:

    Been searching for lyrics for this song and get nothing, which is quite strange because Tiff Lacey is quite popular ๐Ÿ™‚

    I would appreciate any help ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. hy everybody i haev the request of the lyrics of
    robert burian feat zdenak predna – you and this track Feeltz & Leo feat Aneym-Mistaken on this track is a short lyrics but i like so much thanks and i hope can help me cheers from mexico

  26. Hello, could You help me with the lyrics for the songs:

    1. Wellenrausch & Velvet Skies feat. Tiff Lacey – Watching Jupiter & Mars

    2. Emanuele Braveri feat. Tiff Lacey – Travel (EBJ Original Mix)

  27. need this lyrics:
    “DJ Eco Feat Simon Latham – What Do You See? [Original Mix]”

    when you look into my eyes
    what are you seeing?,
    a mixed up color of the skies
    and always dreaming,
    they say it’s much too late to ___
    but i’m still moving,
    maybe expected me to wait
    i’m not so good at that,
    hiding from the one i am
    don’t like reflection,
    pushing on the things i can
    is my reaction,
    drained? to overcome my pain
    i have to see it,
    but do the sin and pain again?
    got it side the circle?,
    what do you see?
    when you ____ apart me?
    when you ____ apart me?
    when you ____ apart me?
    when you ____ apart me?

    best regards from Argentina, man!
    love the work u’ve done here.

  28. Aleece
    Miami Beach Haus 2004: Mixed By DJ Roger-M
    Blinded (Eddie Baez Trance Mix)

  29. I’m looking for an artist and title of a song that has the following lyrics:

    “On a winter’s day, when the sun hid away,
    When the snow was falling fast, oh when this came to pass, it was all worth this long wait.

    “In this real life, on a frozen night, we’ll be falling back faster into time. In this real life, in a beam of light, we’ll be sliding back upon the black ice.”


  30. alex yoshioka Reply

    melogade ( myon & shane54 vs. Gareth Emery Mashup)
    pryda vs. atb

  31. Marc'sPrincess Reply

    Dash Berlin Feat. Sarah Howells – Believe In You (Extended Mix) please.

    I fell in love with this song! Takes me to a place I want to be and the lyrics….just wow. Thanks in advance!

    P.S. I love your site!!

  32. Timo Koponen Reply

    Transit One – Black Ice

    โ€œOn a winterโ€™s day, when the sun hid away,
    When the snow was falling fast, oh when this came to pass, it was all worth this long wait.

    โ€œIn this real life, on a frozen night, weโ€™ll be falling back faster into time. In this real life, in a beam of light, weโ€™ll be sliding back upon the black ice.โ€

  33. Does anyone have a good idea on these lyrics:

    Mark Pledger feat Melinda Gareh – Time Stands Still


  34. Hey, can anyone help me with some lyrics, please ?
    The song is Tone Depth & Soul Tan ft. Stephanie Vezina – Broken
    I m beggin you. Thanks.

  35. could u please post some of giuseppe ottaviani’s song lyrics !!?

  36. Hey… me again. The lyrics of this song, is anyone who think might get them, please ?
    Sophie Sugar Vs. Sunlounger – Lost Together [Ft. Zara] [Armin Van Buuren Mashup ]
    Thx! :*

  37. Me … is everywhere. ๐Ÿ˜€
    Please, I have another 2 songs I d wish their lyrics if it s possible.
    1. Misja Helsloot & Peter Martijn Wijnia – As You Wish
    2. Simon Patterson Miss You
    Thank you so much! ;x

  38. I’ve looked everywhere I can’t find them =/

    Roger-M Ft. Eva – Fading Away

  39. Michael Badal feat. Tiff Lacey – Don’t Be Afraid (Original Mix)
    Help please) Lovely track)

  40. Please im looking for two lyrics:

    Rob de lacey – starlight


    “DNS Project feat Johanna – Mindful (Ronski Speed Remix)”

    F***ing tune, it can be the original lyric

  41. could anyone help me find out who sang this song its a funky sorta trance house kinda thing and starts off like this; love you with a feeling deep within my heart your so true, you know i got the fever loving you to much feel like a fool, stare a your reflection as you walk away and leave the room. many thanks

  42. @MyRage. It s all I got:

    I’m scared of nothing
    I look fear straight in the eye
    But I’ll tell you something
    There’s no reason to cry
    Cause I’ll face your monsters
    I will keep them obey
    Like a maverick soldier
    Charging across the land to save your day

    I’m not far away
    Don’t be afraid
    Night falls again
    Deadly night shades(??)
    Light brings the day
    Shadows will fade
    I’m on my way
    Don’t be afraid

    I’m always listening
    To the little things that you say
    And I keep on wishing
    That (??) you will feel so save
    I will tame your demons
    I’ll bury them deep inside
    Like your guardian angel
    I’ll make them run and scream and hide

  43. Funkerman Feat. Shermanology – Automatic lyrics? i can’t find it anywhere ;(

  44. Wellenrausch & Velvet Skies feat. Tiff Lacey โ€“ Watching Jupiter & Mars

    I cant find it anywhere

  45. Hello… Please, does anyone knows/has the lyrics of FKN feat Laurie – Alone (Aurosonic Remix) ? It is a GREAT song…

  46. please somebody write me

    Robert Burian feat. Miroslav Jaros – Free (Club Mix) lyrics

    pls pls…thanks a lot:)

  47. Judge Jules & Roger Shah feat. Amanda Angelic – Hold On (Original Mix)

    pls the lyrics of this song:)

    its superb:X

  48. this song is epic. listen to it. its uplifting and the vocalist has a beautiful voice;
    Misty ft. Bosaina II – Sunrise (Radio mix)

  49. Daniel Ponto Reply

    Ben Preston feat Susie – Why We Run (Moonbeam Remix)

    Lange feat. Sarah Howells – Let It All Out

    I’m new in the site… Seens to be what I was loking for so long…
    This are two songs of my favourites… Hope you like it…

  50. Hey… Can I ask for a lil help to find the lyrics of Ronski Speed feat. Emma Hewitt – Lasting Light ?
    I assure you it s great! Thx! ๐Ÿ™‚

  51. ronski speed pres sun decade feat emma hewitt – lasting light original mix

  52. i need the pyrics of Sun In The Winter by Max Graham feat. Neev Kennedy
    thank you
    ur website is amazing ๐Ÿ™‚

  53. @ Sashito
    Smart Apes Feat. Kate Miles โ€“ Smile

    Took a picture of your smile
    And I put it in my mind
    Sometimes the love is bright
    And even the sun wont wake up

    And the moon will leave the skies
    And the stars will fall at once
    And the ocean๏ปฟ will be dry
    If you took away your smile

  54. hi!
    please help find the lyrics of this track: Kyau & Albert – Once In A Life
    thank you
    love you blog ๐Ÿ™‚

  55. well, ive recently discover this track by Ronny K and Aureen Lee ft Marcie-In Silence and I cant seem to untangle all the lyrics, any help would be greatly appeciated…thanks…

    In silence…

    Didn’t I say?
    be sorry…
    and don’t disturb the peace
    whatever you do.

    Be quiet,
    don’t make a sound.
    You don’t accept that
    ……?whenever know is you.

    Don’t contradict that…no,
    there’s nothing you can do
    to prove that wrong.
    You can’t refute that…no,
    so step aside
    and hold your tongue.
    …You can’t refute that…

    …In Silence…

    …In Silence…
    No more silence, no more shame…
    No more silence, no more shame…
    No more silence, no more shame…

    you melt inside
    …………….?but you
    and now the time is
    right to speak your mind

  56. hi guys,

    this site is amazing! loved it! btw, could anyone provide the lyric for “Beat Service feat. Emma Lock – Hiding To Nothing”. much appreciated! ๐Ÿ™‚

    god bless!

  57. EnMass ft. Cari Golden – So Please 2010 (Alexander Popov Remix)

  58. I want these lyrics too:
    EnMass ft. Cari Golden โ€“ So Please 2010 (Alexander Popov Remix)

  59. @Stephanie

    Phynn – Hello Love

    There was a girl inside a moving train
    There was a reason to stay.
    She was a dawning sunny day, she’ll be okay…
    I thought that I didn’t want you to say no
    I’ll just stay here one more night and then I’ll go
    I thought that I didn’t want you to say I don’t know
    Hello love (x2)
    There was a girl inside a moving train
    There was a reason to stay
    She was a dawning sunny day, she’ll be okay
    Hello Love
    She’ll be okay.
    Hello love
    I was๏ปฟ over my head
    Doing it better than you ever did.
    Hello love.

  60. Please, the lyrics of Chris Reece & Luciana Di Nardo – Still Breathin ?

  61. hi…a girl from Iran…My request is the lyric of the song : Stranger to myself…(Tenishia)
    Thanks a bunch ๐Ÿ˜‰

  62. San vs. Wendel Kos – Kiss Of Life (Ibiza Sunrise Mix)
    Lovely song.

  63. marios!!!!!! Reply

    ” love me i’ll wait for me love me thats all i want be mainly before i see..” Im looking for a song and i think this are the lyrics. its trance music and voice is a woman. 1.mp3

    this is a recording from mobile. its but quality but you can understand the track. if anybody knows. thank you very much

  64. Please “Forgotten” from ciaran_mcauley_and_roly_feat, thanks

  65. this song is new, i dont found the lyrics in this page, if you want put my video and lyrics in your page,I’ll be very grateful if you decide to do, for more visits, and care for the web page ๐Ÿ™‚


  66. First state feat relyk – cross the line
    Could someone help getting out the lyrics , tnx ๐Ÿ™‚

  67. Lead me into the night/Klauss Goulart Feat. Claudia Alburquerque
    Lyric please !!!!

  68. Please could someone let me know the lyrics to Spellbound – Cristina Soto?

  69. Steve Kaetzel feat. Brianna Holan – So Alone ( Extended Mix )

    Lyrics, please ? :-S

  70. Hi! Could you post the lyrics of Filo & Peri feat. Audrey Gallagher – This Night ?


  71. please help me with lyric from this song

    Tucandeo & Storyline – Crystal Sky
    Tucandeo & Storyline – Unarmored Love

  72. 09 Ferry Tayle – Trapeze (Daniel Kandiโ€™s Emotional Remix)

  73. Armin van Buuren feat. Sophie Ellis-Bextor โ€“ Not Giving Up For Love (Dash Berlin 4AM Remix) amazing track!

  74. does anyone have the lyrics to Someone Like You by Tiff Lacey love that track would really love the lyrics plsss ty xoxo DjCute

  75. ReOrder feat. Stine grove Biscay bay

    ะผะตะณะฐ ั‚ั€ัะบ ) from russia ๐Ÿ™‚

  76. Can anyone post the lyrics for Moussa Clarke – she wants him ?

  77. Hi, anyone has the lyrics for Close to the stars fabio xb featured on ASOT 463

  78. @ Guss: (Kiss of Life)
    After all the pain you caused me
    After all the rain you brought on my head
    After all the pain after all the pain youโ€™re back again
    You remember how it could be?
    You remember how it once was baby?
    Like youโ€™re being saved, like youโ€™re being saved and need this air

    Itโ€™s the kiss of the life you want make you come to life.
    Bring it back to where it all first started,
    Itโ€™s the kiss of life you want,
    Will your heart survive or not?
    Bring it back to where it all first started

    Somethingโ€™s missing from the story,
    Somewhere in between the search and rescue,
    After all the days, after all the days you stayed away,
    You made a connection to me, your connection to a lifeline baby,
    Like youโ€™re being saved, like youโ€™re being saved to breathe again

    Itโ€™s the kiss of life you want , make you come to life.
    Bring it back to where it all first started.
    Itโ€™s the kiss of life you want,

    I can feel you come alive, come alive
    I can feel, I can feel, you come alive , come alive
    I can feel, I can feel you come alive, come alive

  79. I have a request for new Super8 & Tab tune called “My Enemy”.


  80. please,

    Gareth Emery feat. Roxanne Emery – Too Dark Tonight
    from Northern Lights

    thank you!

  81. i need Armin van Buuren feat. Cathy Burton- I Surrender lyrics, please))

  82. Plz

    Armin van Buuren feat. Jessie Morgan – Love Too Hard


  83. Thanks a lot for Armin van Buuren feat. Jessie Morgan โ€“ Love Too Hard ๐Ÿ˜€

  84. Guys, help me please!!! I’m looking for Arnej feat Sally Saifi – Free Of You lyrics))

  85. Invisible Sounds & Faruk Sabanci Ft. Debbie Digital – In The Summer

  86. hey awesome website, my request is this

    i guess like five or 6 years ago I heard in the radio a vocal trance song very awesome but I just remember some parts..

    … me to the moon(a lot of bass and beats)

    its similar to seven colors of lost witness or slash with mysterious times, it has a lot of beats and bass really love it besides I guess it was released in the same time like the other songs that I mentioned

    thannks !!

  87. Der Mystik Ft. Tiff Lacey – Watching The World (ReOrder Vocal Mix)

  88. been looking forever for this old trance song here are some of the lyrics:

    You can F*ck me on my motorcycle, but i don’t think you can survive…F*ck…

  89. if your lonely take me anywhere
    Fuck (screaming it) Life(screaming it)
    don’t think you will survive …with me

    The singer is very hard to understand I probably have lyrics wrong but if you know the song you know what I’m talkn about…very old track…

  90. Walsh & McAuley Feat. Antonia Lucas – Sea Of Lights

    Thanks in advance! ๐Ÿ™‚

  91. To find the lyrics to Sophie Sugar Lost Together. You have to look for the lyrics to Sunlounger Lost. You have to rember the song is a mash up of to songs, Sophie Sugar and Sunlounger.

  92. Super8 & Tab feat. Julie Thompson – My Enemy (Original Mix) lyrics?

  93. I would like to see here the lyrics from: First State ft. Relyk – Cross The Line.
    Thaks :*

  94. Armin van Buuren feat. Cathy Burton- I Surrender lyrics
    Ben Preston ft Susie. – Chance

    <3 thanks

  95. DanSwalker Reply

    Please… Help me with All around me by Lange… I do love that song and i want to dedicate it.

    Thank you, you make my heart and soul fly!!!
    Lots of light

  96. Anyone could send me the lyrics of Armin Van Buuren feat Cathy Burton – I Surrender. Thank you very much! ๐Ÿ™‚

  97. Please help me to find a song.
    It has the following word:
    “Let the eagles fly upon the sky, I start to pray”

    Thank you.

  98. Hello!

    I really want the lyrics of Sultan & Tommyboy – Be With You (Muzzaik Remix) I can’t find them anywhere !

    Thank you ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  99. Reorder Feat Stine Grove – Biscay Bay (Ferry Tayle ‘Neverending Story’ Remix)

    I have not found this on your site. Requesting please.

  100. Armin van buuren feat. fiora”breath in the deep”
    Plzzzz lyric!

  101. Ronski Speed Featuring Ana Criado - A Sign Reply

    Ronski Speed Featuring Ana Criado – A Sign

  102. hi guys! can anybody help me with lyrics of a wonderful song, please!

    Tucandeo presents Storyline feat. Anthya – Crystal Sky

  103. hi…
    plz lyric ..Take me where I wanna go…armin van buuren.feat vanvelzen

  104. EnMass ft. Cari Golden โ€“ So Please 2010 (Alexander Popov Remix)

    Give To Me
    The Things I Never Thought I’ll Ask Of You

    Live For Me
    The Way I Always Dreamed You’re Trying To

    Love Can Be So Blind
    And Time Can Be Unkind

    So Please
    Spend The Night With Me

  105. Miguel Bose โ€“ Jurame (Us) Lyrics :

    Jura Swear this
    bread is not sacred
    no hidden trap
    deception that is so enclosed
    pure and clean and not cause damage
    swear swear swear brother …. jura

    Swear to me that if we turn to oblivion and
    tongue cut cold start your day kill us
    each memory that you are with me
    always swears swear …

    Forbidden to talk
    prohibited hear
    prohibited from being banned
    is prohibited …

    Pro not to kill
    pro to respect
    pro not to humiliate
    or never hurt
    yes agree pro …

    And there is always something going on that will …

    Jura swear by the holy rave
    there will be no more blood
    there will be no martyrdom
    there will be no more coups
    there will be no shame
    there will be no torment
    there will be no storm

    Jura swear by heaven’s sake
    here will continue to firm as
    pending from a dream
    never die until there is peace
    descanzo, calm …
    Peace, rest, rest, swear, peace
    comfortable rest, rest, swear, peace
    comfortable rest, peace, peace …

    Allowed to be wanting to feel
    forbidden not pretend to know
    prohibited not to lie

    Pro just to be
    so the same pro
    all pro fewer god who gives
    a pro now …

    There is always something that will
    something happens there will always

    Forbid not to live in peace no matter who is
    forbidden love to be prohibited does not preclude

    Pro to not having to beg
    what the law is natural
    no more pro shit now …

    Something always happens if you need
    something happens there will always

    Prohibited hear
    forbidden to speak
    prohibited from being
    be prohibited
    prohibited flee
    prohibited to
    forbidden love …

  106. Hi ๐Ÿ™‚ looking for a recent track that repeats this hook “When you come home” anyone know?? Thanks so much!

  107. Hi, I was wondering if you can post this trance song and lyrics up, I do not know the name of the song but I know a part of the lyrics it goes “I can’t take it anymore shake my senses to the core” I have been looking for this song for a long time but can not find it. thank you

  108. Waiting for the sun…Beat Service and Tucandeo
    Feat.Manon Polare

  109. Hey, guys. I know this is a site only for lyrics but I m literally despered for this song and I don t know who sings it. So would you please lemme know if any idea ? I recorded it at the end of it, hope someone can recognize it. ๐Ÿ™ Also the lyrics were stunning. ;x Thx a lot. ๐Ÿ˜€

  110. I found it. You already had the lyrics posted. Blonde me. ๐Ÿ˜€ You can also reject my first comments. Sorry for this mess. ๐Ÿ˜€

  111. Man, you couldn’t forgett a Ferry Corsten’s Remix:

    Aven – All I want

    Man, I’d know about your page when I’d search for a Shogun track ‘Save me’. And it makes me think that you should have these lyrics on this nice website. Congrats man!

    P.D.: I like your colors and drawns ^^

    • @Astraea old stuff way back from 2008 when I wasn’t (yet) into Trance music! ๐Ÿ˜› Heard it and liked it.

  112. If possible,
    Michael Cassette ‘Through The Window’
    Michael Cassette ‘Nevermore’
    Thanks in advance!

  113. you should get the lyrics to. Estigma feat. Irena Love- Cinnamon Sunday

  114. I want to stop receiving notification e-mails. How can I do for it?


  115. Hi,

    Can anyone pls help me with the lyrics of this great tune Amurai feat. Sean Ryan – Killing Me Inside (Intro Mix)

    Thanks a bunch ๐Ÿ™‚

  116. @ Kuerbis ๐Ÿ™‚ thank you sooooo much!! Awesome.. that’s the song ๐Ÿ˜‰

  117. could someone public the lyrics : Sander van Doorn ft. Carol Lee – Love Is Darkness

  118. hey watsup people i had one song i don’t remember song name or artist ๐Ÿ™ so here are some lyrics i remembered
    “I don’t want to stay
    when the sun heat away O.o??
    when the snow is falling fast
    oh and this came to past
    it was a worth this long ways

    in this reeeeeal life on a frooooozen night
    i dont remember after that” i think i wrote it correct ๐Ÿ˜€

    • @Incognito

      Timo Koponen
      Dec 29, 2009 @ 00:06:13

      Transit One โ€“ Black Ice

      Isn’t this the one? xD I’m glad one of the followers here posted it way back, cuz I didn’t know that one!

  119. also guys if someone can help me somewhere i heard song called in searching of sunrise i think it was tiesto and some girl and i cant find it

  120. @Kuerbis Yes I know about this series but there is one track when im listening to it i feel like im under water ๐Ÿ™‚ but there are so many tracks that i couldn’t fint it ๐Ÿ™ i don’t remember the name of singer

    • Can you upload a sample, maybe on zippyshare? (: I have them all, so I might help you! Or anyone else that reads this xD

  121. xD no i can’t ๐Ÿ™ but the rhythm is kinda fast and energetic but somewhere in the middle of song it slows down and the woman begins to sing… xD (I hope you’ll understand

    • Hahaha well, I gave you a list of all the cd’s, and youtube is your friend xD start looking them up, you think the song is too old?

  122. maybe 2007 or 2008 i don’t remember however thanx for help ๐Ÿ˜‰

  123. MarioLopez811 Reply

    Hi…. I really need the lyrics of Slow To Learn… From Super8 & Tab feat. Jan Burton…. Thanks =)

  124. @ Kuerbis,Allie the song is called “Aruna with Mark Eteson – Let Go (Nic Chagall Remix Mรฟon And Shane 54 Refill)”

  125. Kaelpiscis Reply

    Hi I would like to publish the song “Communicate” by ATB, Thanks.

  126. Kaelpiscis Reply

    @Incognito Hey, how are you?, trying to help with the search for your song, you know that album is the song you want? of the 8 In Search Of Sunrise are there? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 …

  127. @Kaelpiscis Thanks, but I’ve already found this song its in In search of sunrise 2 called home (:

  128. Hello everybody! Can you help me to get the lyrics of “Soulcry feat Guido Staps – Dying to Live (Extended mix)” and “Sixma & Klauss Goulart-Want To Fly (M6 Remix)” It’s very lovely tunes.

  129. Marco V – Echoes (Ian Booth Rework)
    This is the cure for being alone
    These are my friends and this is home
    And while i smile some day youโ€™ll know
    It echoes in my mind

    Download: ttp://

    Merry Christmas Everyone.

  130. Hi…. does anyone have the lyrics of “Y&M – Feat Kate Lesing -The Game”..,
    and would u like to link-change with my blog : htpp://
    Thanks you very much…

  131. 01. Avol Waves feat. Eve kade – Where Are You Going

    02. Colonial One feat. Isa Bell – Always On My Mind

    03. Vast Vision feat. Fisher – Behind Your Smile

    • @Sebsatain You can send them here as a request and then I post them and give you credit (: as I’ve done with everyone else!

  132. Cesar Escorcia Reply

    I really Really need the lyrics of ” A New Day” from Tom Cloud….if anyone can help me it will be apreciated.

  133. who has the lysric of “Where Did You Go” by “Bobina feat. Tiff Lacey”
    and “Have It All (Tiesto Remix)” by “Charlie Dee”

  134. Hello!
    Today I found one beautiful track Morgan Page – I’ve Had Friends (Jean Elan Remix) , can you help me with the lyrics ? :)))

  135. Hello !
    my song..:p:x:x
    Existone Feat. Hayley Parsons – August Aromas

  136. Robbie Rivera & Lizzie Curious – Departures – (Cosmic Gate Remix) amazing track

  137. Please ๐Ÿ˜€ : De Donatis & Ciacomix โ€“ Angel 2010 (Arctic Moon Vocal Remix)

  138. could you please up the lyrics to: Conjure One feat. Jaren – Like Ice. loving the site. many thanks. x

  139. Hi !! (:

    Sunlounger Feat. Antonia Lucas – Beautiful Night

    Magnific Song ! :x:x

  140. please bro can u help me to find the lyrics’s of this song … i searshed so much
    but i didn’t find anything :(((
    This Song >> Smooth Stab feat. Aelyn – These Words Between Us

  141. @extraanother I’m some kind of living specie coming from a far far away galaxy! ๐Ÿ˜› Jk, thanks about that! But, I can’t make it all by myself, also the people who sent requests and send the lyrics get the credit!

  142. Hi all…
    I need lyric for:
    Sied van Riel feat. Nicole McKenna Stealing Time
    Jer Martin vs. Andain – Ten Minutes To Beautiful Midnight

    Someone please help me… ๐Ÿ™‚

  143. I’m looking for the song title that goes with these lyrics from the mid 1990’s. Its cold outside and the snow is falling

    • @Pelweld… wouldn’t it be “Tell Me Why by Paul van Dyk” by any chance? That one has a part that says “The morning comes and the snow is falling” Is the only one I can think right now that fits that one you’re saying

  144. Roger shah – over and over

    would appreciate lyrics for that track:)

  145. Tell Me Why sound right thanks I knew the singers name before. Now I can look it up

  146. Beat Service feat. Emma Lock – Not Out (Original Proglifting Mix)
    Serge Devant feat. Jaren – No Good


  147. Nocturnal Lunacy Reply

    I have been searching for the lyrics to
    Tell My Why by Catchy Tongue.

    Why is it so hard to find lyrics anymore? This is the second song I’ve tried to find today and I gave up the first one after about 4 hours of searching.

    The first one is
    Belong (Bassless Ambient Mix) by Dj Spooky

  148. One more, plase:
    Current title: Kenneth Thomas feat. Betsy Larkin – Stronger Creature (Talla 2xlc Remix)

  149. Jonas Steur feat. Jennifer Rene – Still I Wait
    Please help me to find the lyrics.

  150. Hey, I’ve been going crazy about this song but i can’t seem to find the lyrics.. i tried figuring out the lyrics myself but it was an epic FAIL.
    Song: (Signum Feat. Julie Thompson- Never be the same) I would appreciate it if you could post up the lyrics ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thank you,


  151. Paul Vinitsky Feat Kate Walsh – Me And You (Original Mix)


  152. Tritonal feat. Cristina Soto – Lifted (Mat Zo Remix). oMg ๐Ÿ˜€

  153. I’m looking for this trace song: “The rising sun is in the sky shining for you and I, if you let your dreams, do you know what it means, staying forever young…I want you to set me free… Where I can find it? I really appreciate any help. Thanks in advance!:D

  154. I’m looking for this trance song: The rising sun is in the sky shining for you and I…..Set me free….

  155. hi! I wonder if you can get lyrics from Matt Darey ft Kate Louise Smith- See the sun (Aurosonic remix), I’d be grateful… Thanks a lot.

  156. Hi,

    Can you help me find a song. Some of the lyrics I remember is Run away, Run away……………… Suddenly, Suddenly.


  157. Lyrics to Kenneth Thomas Feat. Roberta Harrison & Steven Taetz – Drive (Original Mix)


  158. What song has the lyrics so go and take you stand, give me your list of demands. We fit so perfectly, when i hold you, hold me again, again. How does it feel to be in love for the first time, nothing is real i’ll never forget you, how can i show this, like fame and canvas?

  159. tyDi feat. Brianna Holan- Never Go Back please ๐Ÿ™‚ thank you {}

  160. Please please please!

    Reminder feat. Cathy Burton โ€“ Love To Hold

  161. Triple A – Winter Stayed (Armin van Buurenโ€™s On the Beach Intro Mix)

  162. Morning Parade A&E

    The sixty seconds time weightless weightless
    You just try to settle down
    See lux into your eyes says if says if
    If you could only know only know

    Oh this is not an accident this is an emergency
    This is not an accident this is an emergency
    Oh this is not an accident no
    this is just how you’re burning

    To see lux into your eyes and scream say something
    Say that your heart beats from day
    Are we breathing? Are we breathing
    Cause this is not an accident this is an emergency
    This is not an accident this is an emergency

    This is not an accident no
    this is just how you’re burning

    You all remember me the morning
    You all remember me tonight
    Say this is not an accident
    no this is just how you’re burning
    You’ve got blood on your dirty hands
    You’ve got that look on your dirty face
    You are the … to my demands
    I’ll take the secrets into your grave just come on
    This is not an accident no
    this is just how you’re burning

  163. Can you please post the lyrics of Delerium – Send me an angel (Andymoor remix)

  164. Please help me to find : Murk & Jennifer Carbonell – Doesn’t Really Matter

  165. DJ Wallas & Gabriel B feat. Beyond Deep – Dallam (Bricklake Remix)

    A tough one ๐Ÿ˜‰

  166. Help me to finish the liric please:

    Moonbeam feat. Helen Victory – Flower

    It seems so easy for make me happy
    It seems so easy for make me smile
    But you don’t see me when I’m going crazy
    If you leave me alone just for a while
    No, I don’t wanna listen to your story
    Cause I already ???
    And please don’t ??? to say that I’m sorry
    Cause I’m afaraid of ??? in your hands
    but ???

  167. Looking lyrics to:

    EDU feat Aelyn – Taken Away (Original Mix)

    Incredible track, thanks if u can do that!


  168. Please help me to find :

    Exacta Feat. Kate Elsworth – Empty Spaces

  169. Does any body has the Walsh & Mcauley Feat Antonia Lucas – I’m Only Human lyrics, I realy want it!!! Thanks

  170. plz can anyone post the lyrics of “water in teh sea ” song by esmaye ?

  171. Help me plz to find the lyrics
    Damien S Feat Femke – Summerfeeling
    Can’t find them anywhere ((

  172. agentprovocateur009 Reply

    also can I get the lyrics to
    The Madison feat. Marta Lay – Kiss You

  173. agentprovocateur009 Reply

    Lyrics to Yuri Kane feat. Kate Walsh – Right Back

  174. Kuerbis, sweetheart… could you help me with A.r.d.i feat. Irena Love – Memories (Original Mix) ?? I will be grateful for any help!

  175. Looking for a trance song.It starts off with a woman saying softly……i love you…i need you……over and over while bringing a beat in.Then she says…my looooove…..i love you more than i ever wanted to..i need you…my looooove…its got a tight ass beat and i think im some parts it has a piano playing…please help me…i heard it about 5yrs ago lol…please someone help me

  176. Allright, this is a tough one… had no luck trying to google it ๐Ÿ™‚

    The song is by Blank & Jones and the lyrics are actually a poem which I found sonewhere on the web some time ago… lost the link and forgot the (female) writer. The lyrics match the poem to a large extent, but not 100% and are a bit shortened. It is probably one of the more complex lyrics for a Blank & Jones trance song.

    Any Blank & Jones fans out there who might have a clue what I am talking about?

    Thanks for any hints!

  177. Daniel Chris Reply

    Hey, someone can help me to find Signum feat. Julie Thompson – Never Be The Same lyric? I love this song… ๐Ÿ™‚

  178. agentprovocateur009 Reply

    Can anyone figure out the lyrics to Bryan Kearney feat. Snatam Kaur – Ong Namo?

  179. Hi! Please help me find the lyric
    Pirupa Feat. Baz – Clarity Of Love


  180. Vitodito And Soulforge Feat Daniela Bove – Pastel Twilight (Original Mix)

    Great song.

  181. Hi man !
    This my song is.. .:: Cryophonik feat. Aliciya Angel – Essence ::.
    Please post lyrics :X:x

  182. Swedish House Mafia – Save the World Tonight

    This song going to be huge this summer!!!

  183. Madelin Zero with ATB – Perfect Day to Lose

    I think this track will suit well to this site!


  184. hey! can someone tell me the info (name, artist, mix etc.) of the song that has the below words. it is track #8 of philippe el sisi’s ‘hour of power’ (10 oct 2010). i’ve searched, there’s not a tracklist anywhere on the iternet that i’ve been able to find.

    i’ve searched the internet with the below words, gabriel and dresden comes up, a few others.

    very cool song….


    i don’t want to do this anymore,
    i don’t want to feel this way,
    got to stop you at this open door,
    if you’re never gonna stay,
    you have all the art on your walls,
    it’s a game i’ll never win,
    i am through with never knowing,
    never knew that never knowing
    could hurt more than life without you,
    without you

  185. “agentprovocateur009

    April 18, 2011 at 10:23 pm

    Can anyone figure out the lyrics to Bryan Kearney feat. Snatam Kaur โ€“ Ong Namo?”

    I don’t think the lyrics are real. But supplying the beginning is probably useless? Oh well. . .

    The rain is pouring down like all the souls you send here
    coming to this earth to find healing
    mother earth takes in the rain
    like your heart takes my voice
    let us free each other
    with our prayers, with our voice
    and I’m coming home, and I’m coming home.
    and I’m coming home and I’m Ong Namo

    • @Fife and Agentprovocateur o.o dunno which one lol I’m kind of sleepy, those lyrics are on the internet, I searched for them and there I posted them.. They’re just fine! I even put bellow the lyrics a reference about what all that means and I think it’s pretty awesome!

  186. Please help me to find
    M Lovers VS Deepface Feat Emma Hewitt – Wake Up


  187. found a new vocal song for you while driving home the other day. here’s the youtube link:

    and the lyrics that i can hear by ear:

    you opened your eyes in a different way,
    never looked to the future
    and you played with your clothes* in a distant* way
    to avert disaster

    im just dying to find these fingers* of mine
    get lucky this time
    skies on fire
    you look so good*
    skies on fire
    this rush blood
    my heart rate higher
    and …. turns to ….
    you control the flood gates
    and im on fire

    the words that you said never went away
    happy endings and earthquakes
    and the look in your eye that can make my day
    when its gone, gives me headaches

    but im just dying to find
    some reason and rhyme
    get lucky this time

    skies on fire
    you look so good
    skies on fire
    this rush of blood
    my heart beats higher
    ‘cuz …. times to admire*
    you control the flood gates
    and im on fire

    im on fire
    im on fire
    im on fire..

    * the star means im not sure if its right or not..

  188. agentprovocateur009 Reply

    Hey ๐Ÿ™‚
    Can anyone locate / post the lyrics for Roger Shah Feat. Moya Brennan – Morning Star?

  189. YouKnowWho Reply

    i request that the owner of this blog continues being the sweetest person ever ๐Ÿ˜ก

  190. I need to know what song this is:

    It’s old school trance

    Female Vocals

    Regularly says: la di da la di da la di da

    Some other lyrics of the song in patches are:

    Don’t leave me, can’t leave me, you make me happy to stay so happy sunshine is…

  191. Dash Berlin ft. Jonathan Mendelsohn โ€“ Better Half Of Me

  192. Please, lyrics for Jo Micali feat Hanna Finsen – Fade Away (C-Systems Remix). Fantastic song. โ™ฅ

  193. i can`t find anywhere the lyrics to “Julie Thompson – Something To You” can you help me. I would be soooo thankful. ^__^

  194. Filipe L. M Reply

    Please, does anyone have lyrics of Andy Duguid Feat Fenja – Strings (Original Mix).

  195. hello..
    plz upload the lyrics of “Roger Shah feat. Adrina Thorpe – Island ”
    from the new album openminded…thanx ๐Ÿ™‚

  196. anyone know the track/artist…lyrics goes : the service of truth is the greatest service.

  197. Isac

    July 24, 2011 at 11:26 am
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Nadine Coyle โ€“ Put Your Hands Up (Armin Van Buuren Remix)

    hey ?!!! why dont u share it?

  198. Looking for lyrics to a song but I can’t remember the title, i’ll tell what I can:

    Popular club song in early to mid 2000 with a female vocialist. I believe the lyrics start with “I looked into your eyes again” or possibly “i looked into the sky again” or something similiar.

    Sorry i can’t give more info than this, could be a Oakenfold remix but i’m not certain on that either. Any help would be great.

  199. britishbeef Reply

    Wonder if you can help. Years ago as a wee lad I heard an awesome trance tune and I don’t remember the name or who did it. The lyrics feature “I can dream I can’t pretend that I’m with you once again and I know that until then I’ll see star light”…any ideas?

  200. plz help!

    i need the name of song, says like this: “pray for to the morning rain…. and the eagles fly….. ”
    i’m sorry, i don’t remember anymore ๐Ÿ™
    she sings like aretha franklin or dionne warwick

  201. Need help! Heard this on FTV in the FTV Parties segment, was running in the background. Goes something like “Suuuuuunshine lady…. get the sunshine up my life…suuuunshine lady…”. Can anybody help me out here? Thanks! ๐Ÿ˜€

  202. Ok, I managed to search for it! Thanks to myself! ๐Ÿ˜› Hope you guys like this club banger: Mattara Ft Winston-Sunshine Lady (Lysark And Simone Farina Remix)

  203. im looking for the lyrics to a song i believe is called orea by agnelli &nelson, it goes: cant say i know you that well dont mean disrespect no clue that time spent witn you would be hard to forget. many thanks for any help. *trance forever* ๐Ÿ˜€

  204. Legion-Naire Reply

    May 19, 2009 at 5:28 am
    i need to find a song i was listening to on the perfect mix..the lyrics go along these lines:โ€ฆspirits lowโ€ฆno place to go, i need to find someone/something to see me through, i run -uh-un, do-do-do
    sounds a bit like jaren (its a female voice)โ€ฆand help will be appreciated

    Beam Feat. Niki Saletta – I Roam … Not sure what mix you wanted.

  205. Anyone have the lyrics to Cramp feat. Natalie Peris – More To This Original Mix? I liked more of this music. Thanks!!!!

  206. Pleeese!
    Allure feat. Emma Hewitt – No Goodbyes

  207. Hi! Nice work you’ve done! Hope you’ll always keep it up! I’d like to check the lyrics of Love Again by C-Systems. Guess it is somewhat as follows:

    I will love again [x2]

    I don’t walk away with nothing [?]
    I just couldn’t stay [?]
    The reason why we left each other [?]
    The pain we had to take [?]
    Nothing more to say [?]
    I couldn’t feel the pain [?]

    I will love again [x2]

  208. I need to find a song i heard in 2009/10…It goes: “Feel you break the silence,feel you…Let me show you the world in my eyes,taking a ride in your skies..want to show you the world in your eyes,taking a ride in my skies”. The voice is of a female..thanks in advice!

  209. Guys, can anyone please assist with helping me identify this unknown vocal tune played by Matt Hardwick at his final gig at Ministry. I’ve not had any joy getting these recognized and if anybody can ID this vocal, I’d be very pleased. It’s a lot harder to figure out because it is a warm-up tune with a build-up and also because there is distortion in the recording – apologies in advance for that.

    Female Vocal tune, can hear the vocal from 1:11 & also at 3:39. This is quite a distinct unknown. I think the vocalist says “You Only Care/Can” /”You won’t be there”/”You won’t begin” and I’d be greatly appreciate any help on this one, even like who the female vocalist could be.

  210. Im looking for this trance song all i remember is something like this. female vocalist.
    There are other lyrics, but i can’t remember them for anything. Please help!

    Is it real…. that im alone ….

    Is it real 1x.
    is it real 2x..
    is it real 3x…

  211. Sander van Doorn & Sidney Samson & Nadia Ali – Rolling The Dice please

  212. I’m looking for the lyrics for the new song by Sander van Doorn “Eagles”

  213. Defcon Audio Feat Julie Harrington โ€“ Lost In You (Lyrics) pleaaasse !! ๐Ÿ˜€

  214. Guys, can anyone please assist with helping me identify this unknown vocal tune played by Matt Hardwick at his final gig at Ministry. Iโ€™ve not had any joy getting these recognized and if anybody can ID this vocal, Iโ€™d be very pleased. Itโ€™s a lot harder to figure out because it is a warm-up tune with a build-up and also because there is distortion in the recording โ€“ apologies in advance for that.

    Female Vocal tune, can hear the vocal from 1:11 & also at 3:39. This is quite a distinct unknown. I think the vocalist says โ€œYou Only Care/Canโ€ /โ€You wonโ€™t be thereโ€/โ€You wonโ€™t beginโ€ and Iโ€™d be greatly appreciate any help on this one, even like who the female vocalist could possibly be. Been trying and trying to make out what the lyrics are saying. PLEASE HELP ๐Ÿ™‚

  215. I heard this song but I dont remember the correct lyrics … It would be great if someone knows the song from this little information..It goes like –

    I’ll be watching you right now …..

  216. Reply

    Im looking for a vocal trance song i heard it on Digitally imported as part of someones mix i starts of like

    bom bom bom – in a trancey sound way

    “The singer sounds sort of irish shes got a nice voice”

    Im not sure if i got the lyrics right which is why im struggling

    Feeling the good vibrations moving my feet
    Touched by the good vibrations moving my feet
    have you ever felt love
    something about change

    (then i cant remember the rest)

    cant seem to find the lyrics anywhere on the net even by search terms its like it doesn’t exist but ive heard it a ton of times

  217. Any chance you or someone can identify the singer on this ….. pleeeease

  218. Ok guys, have a challenge for you. Not sure of the exact genre, but it might be more ambient than anything. There was a female talking about a sunset. She says something about how she thought the day would last forever. After going on for a while, the voice kept chanting, “Burning…Golden…Burning…Golden.” Might have heard it on The voice sounds similar to the one on Orb’s “Little Fluffy Clouds” but I don’t think the artist is Orb. I also don’t think the word sun is anywhere in the song or artist.

    Another song was spoken word as well. Female voice, talking in French. Translated she was talking about a vacation in France. That’s about all I have to go on. Can anyone identify these two songs?

  219. Can someone name this artist and song? All I have is: “we want to live forever, we have to stay together, trance will be alive, we will never die, trance will play tonight.” I heard it on “Dj Doboy Vocal Edition Volume 7” around the 25 minute mark but I haven’t been able to find the tracklist. Most of his mixes have the tracklists floating around. THANKS!!!!

  220. I’m looking for George Acosta’s lyrisc to the songs Falling Down and Never Fear featuring Emma Lock, and Love Rain Down and The Way She Loves featuring Fisher. I can’t seem to find lyrics on his songs anywhere so I’m hoping you’ll have them. Thanks a billion and great blog, I visit it nearly everyday ๐Ÿ™‚

  221. Hi looking for a trance song I heard 10 years ago in Germany. 2001 hit and it goes somewhat like this: the morning comes, the snow is falling…tell me why..the day is dawning…its the haunting voice of a woman.

  222. Dennis Sheperd ft. Stephen Pickup – Some Day, Please, I canโ€™t find anywhere ๐Ÿ™

  223. Craig X-ecute Reply

    Rite this is a tuff one im looking for a tune ID, from around 2000, Sounds italian but may be from anywhere. its a hard trance tune in style, vocoded vocal first bit is incoherant but then it kinda stops and goes “Wake – Up – Now” then it kicks in after the breakdown.

  224. lyrics of ATB VS Pryda – Melograde (Myon & Shane54 vs Gareth Emery mash up) ? pls help me with those ๐Ÿ™ ive been looking for them for a long time

  225. what is the name of this song that occurs at 53:30 of John Kasahn – Ritual Sounds 029 Part2 Oct 27 2010 Friskyradio

    surreal female voice lyrics go like this:
    couldnt be lying
    the sun can be different
    couldnt be real
    said it wont happen
    in your eyes ive dared to dream
    possible that it wont happen

    It is the last closing song of the mix – beautiful, sexy, dramatic, pure! need name of this song.

  226. drum N bass lover. Reply

    can someone help me ,i’m looking for the name of a track ,i think it a drum n bass track with a short vocal saying “we don’t have to take it slow” I think the singer is a guy.

  227. there’s beautiful tune: Lisaya Feat Guido Staps – Veriditas (Extended Vocal Mix). please, help me to find lyrics to this one

  228. anyone know that song from like early 2000, with the chorus i think, near the end that goes
    “just singing a song, sail away to another place…..” something like that?

  229. guys i am trying to find a song ( its vocal trance ) which lyrics goes like this : IF you ever find my sould , try to run away…

  230. Actually i’m not searching for the lyrics, but for the song.

    The lyrics goes “sometimes, somewhere, sometimes i know you’ll be sorry”.

    Man that thing is impossible to find. It can be often heard at vocal trance new york DI, but i never looked it up cos i thought it would be easy to find. IMPOSSIBRU!

  231. Panebianco Reply

    please lyrics for Perfect as you are – Jon O’Bir feat. Julie Harrington

  232. Penny Holm Reply

    Dimitri and Vegas – Deeper love

    I can’t find these lyrics anywhere!

  233. i didnt found ummet ozcan’s innerstate radio show intro lyrics..please help me!!

  234. Men, I have class of Aerobox and the profr. puts trance music but it’s a continuous mix, and there are songs that i think are the same woman; in one of the songs the lyrics are something like this: “eh eh eh eh eh eh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh dance all the way up, let go all the way up” I know the “eh eh oh oh” part is a little akward and the other song is like this : “give it to me as strong as you can give it to me as long as it last….all i need is you” thanks!!!

  235. Love the site, wondering if anyone could help me with these lyrics, I’v been looking for a few years now. The song is house or trance and has a girl singing “:thiiiiisss is our sanctuary” any help would be smashing. Think it came out about 2004-2007.

  236. Pls help me I’ve looking for got my eyes on u lyric andremo chatkowsky

  237. Hey i heard a song recently which is pretty minimalist the only lyrics that i have to go by are ” das voot voot voot voot ” and then the female voice finishes with “im running”. its a pretty epic song, i would love to find out what it is. Any help would be appreciated and sick site!

  238. whom sang the lyrics//”Don’t wait for the right time.” its trance involvement type music is all i know.
    the trance song has to much bass that drowns out her lyrics really bad. plz help ,thx!=)

  239. Hi,
    On 12/06/2011 I have listened a beautiful track on Digitally Imported trance radio, I don’t if remember before, during or after the track “Different Perspective (December 2011) – 2 hours with L.A.V.I.”, and I don’t found it in the web.
    I remeber only the words “fly” and “moon” said by a male voice (not “fly me to the moon” of frank sinatra or remix), and, in the end, the sound of a jet turbine in background that becomes louder.
    I know that it is a very difficult request, with so few elements, but maybe you know where to look.
    Sorry for my english, and thanks


  240. hi can somebody help me ,iโ€™m looking for the name of a song. It’s in the background of this video at 8;05.
    i can’t find it by lyrics :/

  241. TARAJI EST Reply

    lyric of trance song : lives goes on , you own my world, no more wihsper
    somthing like tha please !

  242. @John: I think is this Gareth Emery feat. Lucy Saunders – Sanctuary, but it s not that old as you say it is the song you re lookin for.

  243. Akshit K. Sanghvi Reply

    i don’t know the songs name but i know the lyrics and i would be really very happy to know what the songs name is and the artist

    the lyrics are ‘ do you feel for me, what i feel for you’

  244. which female singer sang a song and i think it started off saying i wish i wish. then further in the song it say hear you say goodbye and she also say love in the song….. plz i need to know dats like my childhood song grwoing up listning 2 it

  245. candyflipper Reply

    Hi, can anybody help me to id an epic hard trance track circa 2000 – 2003 & probably from UK (heard it in a club around that time), there is a hard whispering voice (not sure man or woman) saying “I’m on a run, I’m on a run” . Been looking for it for ages now, but no luck.
    Please HELP, because it’s haunting me.

  246. music for peace… we keep on dancing all night long they are playing our favorite song music’s a natural high pushing our head to the sky

    Anyone knows which song is this, pretty please?

  247. Irenke Manzardez Arandano

    Hey guys,
    Iโ€™m Chilean and Iโ€™ve been looking for the lyrics of a song that I really like. The thing is that I donโ€™t quite get the whole lyricsโ€ฆ itโ€™s DIAMONDS IN THE SKY by Richard Durand Feat Julie Thompson (in in search of sunrise). Iโ€™d really appreciate if you can make them appear in your trance blog with lyrics as all the other cool songs youโ€™ve got.

    Cheers and keep up the great blog I really like it.


  248. I need help! Im looking for a song i heard in a shop
    It says something like
    I would like to feel sunshine over my skin
    Its sort of chill out electronic music
    Any ideas?
    Im running crazy looking for it

  249. hello, could put the lyrics of the song “need you now” from Mia Dahli perfecto records,

  250. Help!! Does anyone know of this song with lyrics “if you go, let me know, I will follow you.” It’s sung in a male voice.

  251. Trance Hunter Reply

    Hi people,searching for this for a long time.Female voice singing slowly’ I, I want to hold you,in my arms and enfold you ,wanna be touched by you too’.It actually sounds like the female is under water or something.Tune then speeds up dramatically for stunning breakdown.Only ever heard this once.It’s an incredible tune.Help appreciated xx.

  252. Daniel Garcia Reply

    Hi there! I’d like to know the lyrics from the latest single of LTN called Ordinary People. Love that tune, the original mix.

  253. Hi guys! =D I’ve recently overheard a song from a car that was passing by reaaaaal slow by my house, and I couldn’t catch any of it with 100% certainty it’s okay, but the bassline was incredible and the lyrics (which I assume it doesn’t have much more than what I’m about to write) went something like this: “you and I (me?) Together, Skies (Sky is) always clear…” Thing is, only thing’s Im almost 100% sure I heard are the Together and something about the sky or a word very similar phonetically…

    I would say it’s a trance song, though it did have a deep beat to it and some high pitched keys in between the verse… I’m thinking kind of like mixing OceanLab with a little Deadmau5 kinda thing…

    I’m real sorry, it’s a reaaaaaaaal hard one and I don’t have anything else to go on than that, but any help would be aprecciated, it sounded extremely awesome!

  254. oh, and Trance Hunter, I believe the lyrics you wrote are those of Katoi – Touch Me… but I don’t remember it having a female voice =S Maybe it’s a remix of that song? Try searching from there…

  255. Yes, Trace Hunter! =) It’s Katoi – Touch Me (Ralphie B Remix) ๐Ÿ˜‰

  256. Yo! Can anyone help me please.i heard this song once n until 2day i can’t get it out of my head..all i knw is it goes lyk: i can’t feelll,i can’t feel…its a female singing.

  257. Paul van Dyk feat. Sue McLaren – We Come Together (Arty Remix)

    PLEASE ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ i love this track so much!

  258. I dunno if this is trance or not but it goes like this

    ‘Baby when I look at you I can see the sunshine in you in you.’

    The girl’s voice sounds identical to Robyn’s…

  259. Hey, can someone help me out with the lyrics for Love In Us (Vocal mix) by Miroslav vlrik? Thanks!

  260. Linda McNeil Reply

    Can you please upload the lyrics for Alexander Popov โ€“ When The Sun… Absolutely love the tune!!! pure trance bliss <3 thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  261. Dejwid4love Reply

    Can someone help me????im looking for this song 4ever, i have it on tape i recorded from radio before 10 years…i dont know who is the artist…Please help me this song is so good!


    the morning sunshines in my face,
    as you are by my side,
    love is all around my heart,
    and i can read your mind,
    morning is broken it was long long night
    im gonna have you close by my side
    cause it makes me feel alright
    yea yea yea
    morning is broken and im in love with u
    i wanna tell u baby u r all that i needed and
    make me feel alright

  262. Can anyone tell me the name of a funky house song that contains the lyrics “round and round and round” and “you know my love for you …….” muchos ta

  263. Hello! Anyone knows that song: “youuu, don’t believe… in theseee… positive… emotionsss” ? ๐Ÿ˜€ It’s a new one. Thx.

  264. I’m searching for a song.
    In the beginning you’ll hear some rain, i can remember some bells or something, but i’m not sure, then you hear a man who says something about the “the situation is pretty good”. it sounds like a war is over.
    then the music begins. not much later you hear a high female voice.
    I downloaded this song a long time ago. and it’s deleted , but i want to listen to it again. but i forgot the name and everything. can you guys help me?

  265. Ferry Corsten ft. Pierre In The Air and Amba Shepherd – Walk On Air

  266. please can some one help me i’m looking for a trance song that i heard about are the words “feel me and feel that i’m me x3 – baby come along ,i know you have waited for so long ,I want you to sit back and relax , you’ll see ,that what i got for you is what you need ,i will set you free ,just put your trust in me ,feel me and feel that i’m me x3 “that’s all i got ……..i’m looking for the artist and song name …..if someone could help please

  267. hey all :-),i’m looknig for a trance song that i heard in 2001 or there abouts….here is some of the lyrics
    “feel me and feel that i’m me x3 –
    baby come along – I know you have waited for so long
    I want you to sit back and relax – you’ll see ,that what i got for you is what you need
    I will set you free ,just put your trust in me
    Feel me and feel that i’m me x3 ”
    I’m lookong to find the artist and song name please if anyone couold help .

  268. This must be the love – Arty&Nadia Ali&BT
    Omnia – Hearts Connected ๐Ÿ˜€

  269. Hi Pal,

    i need your help to provide afterlight lyric by sonic movement feat three faces
    many thanks


  270. I have heard this song many a times from a fraternity outside my dorm but can never quite make out all the lyrics clearly or find the song using the lyrics that I do hear. Its a male singer, kinda sounds similar to Chris Brown.

    Bridge is something like
    “The Skyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    Over yooouuuuuuuuuu
    Is so Magicalllllllllllllllllllllll”

    Chorus includes/sounds like

    I want your love, need your love, see your heart. …..over me, All I see/need, Baby can’t you see.

    Also has part that goes

    Baby doll baby doll baby doll, I’m ready to let go/I’m taking full contol

    Anyone know the Title of the song and/or artist?

    I hear it with other pop/dance/techno songs at fraternities outside my window all the time.

  271. can someone find me the lyrics for
    super8 and tab ft. jan burton- black is back


  272. please help find lyrics for Sean Tyas feat David Berkeley – Take My Hand!

  273. Hi guys,

    I just would like to know if one of you allrdy heard this song, am actually checking for it and cant find anything .. even on typingsome lyrics, in advance, thanks

  274. Oh and also Lights – Peace Sign (tyDi Remix)
    It has not been released yet but should be in youtube. ๐Ÿ˜›

  275. Can Anyone Tell Me Lyrics of This Great Track >> Shogun feat. Radmila – Stray
    Thank You

  276. Alexandru Radu Reply

    Artento Divini feat. Cornelis van Dijk – My Sanctuary
    Multumesc !

  277. heard a song sang by a female with lyrics

    “In your dreams I am found one day you’ll come around”

    and then

    “in my dreams you are found one day I’ll come around”

    could have been trance/dance but had other lyrics, any ideas?


  278. Sean Tyas feat. Lo-Fi Sugar – This is the World not released yet but it is on youtube.

  279. Hey i am looking for a trance song i heard it on the radio 2-3 days ago it was realy awesome but i cant remeber the lyrics quite well there was a female voice that was singing : The snow is falling
    that is all i can remember sry

  280. Fredda L. & Fisher – Love, You Call It

  281. Reply

    Full tilt ft. Katrina Noorbergen – Letting go (Jorn van Deynhoven Remix)

  282. can anyone help me with the lyrics of Andrew rayel feat jano – how do i know ??? i love this song but parts of the song i dont undrestand what she sings ๐Ÿ™

  283. Answer to

    December 16, 2009 @ 5:41 PM
    iโ€™m from chile and iโ€™m searching the name of a vocal trance song (and course, the lyric if it would be possile)โ€ฆ this is the link
    if you help me, iโ€™ll be very thankful =)
    greets from chile

    The song is: Between Us by Smart Apes. Find out at http: //

    Sorry for the delay!

  284. Phil Stylz Reply

    Im looking for a track i think its a hrd trance track. the woman says “That Virus i was exposed to it has a cure u had it in your hand how many other lives can we save if i quit now they win” Please

  285. Answer to

    Phil Stylz
    November 16, 2012 @ 12:39 PM

    Im looking for a track i think its a hrd trance track. the woman says โ€œThat Virus i was exposed to it has a cure u had it in your hand how many other lives can we save if i quit now they winโ€ Please

    The track is “Self Overcoming” performed by “Chronos”. Nikita Klimenko (aka Chronos, DJ Shankar) took a sample of “The X-Files – Fight The Future (Movie)”
    The lyrics:

    Well Manicured Man:
    “Trust noone, Mr. Mulder!”

    “There’s an interesting work of fiction on page 24.
    Mysteriously, our names have been omitted. They’re burying this
    thing, Scully. They’re just going to dig a new hole and cover it up.”

    “I told OPR everything I know. What I experienced, the virus,
    how it’s spread by the bees from pollen in transgenic crops.”

    “You’re wasting your time, Scully. They’ll never believe you,
    not unless your story can be programmed, categorized, or easily

    “Then we’ll go over their heads.”


    “I’ll be a doctor, but my work is here with you now. That virus that I was exposed to, whatever it is, it has a cure. You held it in your hand. How many other lives can we save?”

    Listen at

  286. Lyrics for Nervo & Hook N Sling- Reason (sick individuals remix) GREAT TRACK!!

  287. Need help with lyrics for this song:

    Kamaliya – Arrhythmia (Wideboys Remix)

    Thanks for any help.

  288. Im looking for an older trance tune that has the lyrics ‘some rules should never be ignored… some hearts break if there given time some ….. crosses a broken line some things are certain to be/leave undone’ or something like that anyway ๐Ÿ™‚ been looking for a loooong time, thanks

  289. I can’t find lyrics of “When I go”-tyDi and Sarah Howells,can you help mee?

  290. Reply to:

    January 21, 2013 @ 11:14 PM

    Im looking for an older trance tune that has the lyrics โ€˜some rules should never be ignoredโ€ฆ some hearts break if there given time some โ€ฆ.. crosses a broken line some things are certain to be/leave undoneโ€™ or something like that anyway ๐Ÿ™‚ been looking for a loooong time, thanks

    The track is “Sometimes ” performed by “Tin Tin Out With Shelley Nelson ” circa 1998.

    Making a start Following through with a change of heart I saw the joke Noted the smile and the words you spoke Breaking the greed Hard like a stone that will never bleed Passing the blame Everyone changes and stays the same Fools can’t be found unless they wanna be They seem to follow me Time lays us down uncategorically They way it has to be Somewhere the meaning will turn around Sometime the future will find it’s ground Some rules should never be ignored Never can tell me Heaven from hell, right in front of me Taking its toll Finding a goal that I cannot see Fools seem to lie everywhere they go And I’m the last to know Love lets us fly, forgetting honesty The way it has to be Somewhere the meaning will turn around Sometime the future will find it’s ground Some rules should never be ignored Fools can’t be found unless they wanna be They seem to follow me Somewhere the meaning will turn around Sometime the future will find it’s ground Some rules should never be ignored Some hearts break if they’re given time Some roads cross in a broken line Some things are certain to be unsure Some things are certain to be unsure That’s what your heart is for


  291. hi looking for a tune at the start a girl talking about been sick of the music banging from upstairs in a girls flat sum lyrics go like (this has got to fucking stop now) she also said she just wants to come home from work roll a joint and relax

  292. I really need help finding out what this old 90s trance tune is all i know is some of the lyrics it says-‘Be a black arrow of death’ – thats all i know pls pls help its doing my head in!

  293. Need help with finding an old 90s trance tune all ive got is a lyric in the song it says- Be a Black Arrow of death! – pls anyone help!

  294. Was curious if anyone can help me out theres a house/trance song all i know is the lyrics go do you know how much i live for you baby live for you baby can you feel it live for you baby live for you baby live for you if anyone knows what song im talking about and can help id be soooo greatful thanks in adance ๐Ÿ™‚

  295. Reply to:

    Kev baron
    February 18, 2013 @ 5:50 PM

    Try this:
    ARTIST: The Jokers
    Album: Mietje
    TRACK: Arrow of death
    Released date: 1994
    Genre: Electronic
    Style: Hardcore, Techno, Gabber

  296. I need help with finding the track i have heard on radio about 8 years ago(not kidding).It’s kinda vocal hard trance track,early 00′ style,something the old Dj Shog or Dean would make.Also, it’s similar to Matto’s angels fly&Miss Destiny’s Yesterday. I remember some parts of the lyrics.It’s female vocal kinda more talking at first “This is not a game this is real…i will go back to reality,but I’m just addicted to stay…out of the infinity” then in the main part she only sings from time to time something like “it’s not what what left for you” something like that… It would be great if someone helped me.

  297. hey can som1 help me find d name of dis song” when you look into my eyes, i feel som how just a bit cold,i get a little bit shy and sometimes i wanna let go..”heard it on single ladies season 2 episode 6….please helpppppppp!!!!!!!!

  298. david forbes, tom cloud ft. antonia lucas = crazy for u…..
    will appreciate ur help…thank u very much.

  299. I took a video of a triathlon in Mexico. and there was a song in the background that is Trance but I cannot figureit out. Can you help me?

  300. mercedes behar Reply

    Trying to find a song I heard either on bpm or electric area, of a female vocal with some of the lyrics being:

    “U dnt really love me u pretend that u do ur playing me good”

    If you can help it would be much appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚

  301. Guys … I am looking for the name an old trance classic … not 100% sure of the lyrics & words … I remember some of the bits, during the break of the song … “love is much too right” …. …. at the end of the break the lyrics goes something like “so is it” ….”and giving a damn” …. this was played MANY MANY moons ago, but was a classic in the clubs. Like I said, my words can be completely wrong but that is what i recall …

  302. Need help with lyrics for this song

    Andrew Rayel & Dash Berlin & Roger Shah – One home

  303. I am looking for the name of a song I’ve only hear a few lyrics from. It is with a female Vocalist and there was some low bassy sounds that seemed like strings. The lyrics were: “I can feel it, I can feel it fading…”

  304. Pedro Wanzeler Reply

    I’d like to ask you the lyrics of the song: Wezz Devall feat. Isa Marie – Find this Dream (Original Mix)

    Thank you so much! (;

  305. can some one please tell me the name of this song..? it is sung by a woman
    here are the lyrics..
    Another world another day another time another way to find a place for you and me
    another life another place another time another chance another universe..

    (please anyone. tell me the name of this song?)

  306. Hi, ex-kuerbisx ๐Ÿ˜‰
    nice site. we miss you in youtube, hehe . Well, my request:
    Song: Broken Ice
    Artist: Headstrong (feat Helena Ward)
    Album: Timeless part 1

    Thank’ U

  307. I need help with lyrics for this song: Moussa Clarke feat. Kathleen Fisher – Love Key (Original Club Edit). Thank You C:

  308. Provide Lyrics for the below song
    ATB Feat. Amurai – Love & Light (Downtempo Mix)

  309. hey there…i just gave up after hours of trying to find a song that i do have in my library and don’t remember artist nor album. the only lyric of the song is a female voice singing “hello stranger, i just want to be with you”. its a progressive trance piece around 120-130bpm
    anything will help
    Thank you….!

  310. Hey guys….i’d like the lyrics “Christian Burns – The Enemy”

  311. Hoyaa featuring Aminda – Midnight Forest? Please I can’t find the lyrics to this song anywhere D:

  312. Under the cloud – Myon and Shane54, Late Night Alumni
    U – Gareth Emery, Bo Bruce

  313. Reuben Keeney ft. Glenn Rosborough – Give It Some Time (Morgan Page Remix)

    Been trying to figure this song out for a year ๐Ÿ™

  314. Bonafide man Reply

    Oh wow, i just noticed that im the first man to post in 2014 :O
    Well good luck with the blogs bro…!

  315. Nash & Pepper – I Killed The Love (Mike Foyle Vocal Mix), porfavor, please!!!!

  316. curiousdragonfly Reply

    Hi there, I’m trying to find a vocal trance song that starts off with a breathing sound before the female singer begins to sing in a breathy, whispery voice.

    I couldn’t catch all the lyrics, but it goes somewhere along with the lines of:

    _______ the dark
    _______ I feel alive
    I’ll follow you~~

    The hook seems to be the “I’ll follow you” bit. The music and vocal combination was very trance-like.

    Please help!

  317. can you anyone tell me this song its female vocal trance and singer say love love love

  318. Can anyone please tell me the name of this song and its singer/band?

    “This is Day one (One one) This is day one (One one) This is day one turn the music on hear the drummers drum reach up good and high so alive This is Day one (One one) This is day one This is day one now your time has come Only just begun”

    Thanks In Advance!

  319. Rogelio Gerardo Cuevas Hernandez Reply

    Alex Kunnari – Come Alive lyrics PLEASEEE

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