Strolling down the water’s edge
Watch the waves wash onto shore
Waiting for your life to turn
Been here a thousand times before

Never felt like you belonged
Always longing for the wild
Prayin’ that someone will save you
A beautiful stranger with a smile

You’ve got to realize that your fate is your own
You are strong enough, even when you’re alone
Got to live your dreams, got to cut all the ties
It will break you down if you don’t learn to fly

You gotta free your mind
You gotta free your mind
Flying ain’t easy when you’re scared to fall
I wanna see you fly, fly

You’ve been hiding in the haze
Living only in a dream
Slowly killing your potential
Forsaking who you’re meant to be

Open eyes and wide awake
Time has come to rise above
Don’t be scared to fail and fall
Cause we’re all diamonds in the rough


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