No-one may build their happiness on another’s pain

Watching the raindrops fall upon the window pain
You can’t ask why about love, it’s too hard to explain
Poor Anna she is waiting, she waits alone in the cold
There can be no mistaking, it’s another he holds

Who would follow her, wherever she’d go
So she broke all the tules
Society thought she was a fool
A fool for love
For love

Loved like a fool, with desire for a jewel
But he leaves, he leaves her empty
So cruel
Loved like a fool, cast away the jewel
Leaving life of plenty
And breaking all the rules

To just disappear
Without question or fear
She’d lose so much more
Much more than she’d bargain for
She loses herself

And with the fall of the snow
Something she’d know
Should have let him know
Should have gone back to Moscow

Thank you so much, Tiff Lacey, for sending me the lyrics
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